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Lighting Automation

Smart lighting will subtly, but effectively, influence the ambiance of a home,
complementing the aesthetics of its decor, while also providing convenience
and energy efficiency. Brighten or dim any light in the room—or the entire
House with a single touch or automate lighting to respond to your life, without
any touch at all. The house can even appear occupied when no one is home.


Innovative switches systems guaranteed by the proven know-hows offer unprecedented
choice of fine materials and finishes, along with the modern performance features of
digital technology, from security to communication to entertainment. Consisting the
best of design and technology, perfected down to the smallest details, integrated in a
complete system of refined, concise elegance. And, above all its impeccable
personalization. Your switch plates will do more than just on and off!Embellish
your walls with embedded switches.



Old or new device not a problem now you can control all the av devices
with one single application.

App Control

In this application turns your iOS or Android mobile devices into the ultimate smart home
command center. It connects directly to your system and allows you to control and manage
all of your system’s features, such as Tata Sky, Television, Blueray Player, Projector and more…
with one single application.


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